Anonymous asked:

What Pokemon fangames would you recommend? (of course, feel free to include Uranium on the list).

oripoke answered:

Sure! Here are the ones I’ve played and enjoyed:

Pokemon Reborn - Set in the Reborn region where Pokemon are few and far between, this fangame is somewhat darker than your typical pokemon game since it’s set in a massive city where poverty, pollution and crime are rampant. The graphics are in RSE-style but there are Pokemon from all 6 generations available. I found the plot fresh and engaging and definitely worth playing. The game releases updates in episodes with one gym per episode, and is currently on episode 12 (there are 18 gyms, one for every element). There is already a lot of content (40+ hours according to the developers), making it well worth the price of free.

Pokemon Obsidian - A well-made game with nice graphics, a few new features, and a handful of fakemon (although it predominantly has real Pokemon). It’s also got an original soundtrack and some neat-looking maps. 

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition - One of the most innovative fangames I’ve played, this game uses 2nd gen-style retro pixel graphics and changes out the turn-based battle system for an active-time battle system reminiscent of Chrono Trigger and other classic RPGs. Your starter Pokemon is an Eevee that has the ability to switch between its evolutionary forms at will (at first only Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon but you can unlock the rest as time goes on). It’s also got an interesting plot involving glitches and time travel, but I won’t get into that too much without spoiling it.

Pokemon Sage - A very ambitious fangame made by the community members of 4chan’s /vp/ board. It was generating a lot of buzz on Tumblr a few months back so maybe you’ve heard of it. Sage has an entirely new set of Fakemon with incredibly creative designs and punny names. I’m continually impressed by the creativity and amount of planning that went into this project. Unfortunately, it hasn’t had a beta release for a while now, and the current beta is only a couple of hours long. Still it is well worth checking out for the creative fakemon designs and cool region based on South America.

And last but not least…

Pokemon Uranium - A fangame that takes place in the tropical Tandor region and contains predominantly fakemon with a few canon Pokemon mixed in. The current game release has about 12 hours of gameplay, with 5 gyms and about 80 different fakemon. The plot of Pokemon Uranium involves Pokemon that have been driven crazy through exposure to radiation and turned into the feral, unstable Nuclear type. The graphics are reminiscent of 4th gen games (D/P/Pt and HG/SS), and the game mechanics are mainly based on the 5th gen.The next release will have a working Global Trade Station, Virtual battle and Wonder Trade, but those features aren’t in the current release. It’s coming eventually… but the game is still very playable in its current beta (3.1) form.


There are so many creative and wonderful fan-games out there, I’ve just listed a few of my favorites. These games are all made by creators who love Pokemon and wanted to make something for people to enjoy, so I encourage you all to play ‘em and show them some appreciation for their hard work!